One of the quickest ways to create a sustainable income stream that runs in the background of your business is with online courses and trainings. They can be a strong supplement for your brick and mortar business or completely online. They can range from very specific training that professionals get to super quick and simple for customers. Think of the questions you get every day from your current customers or clients… these make incredible and very profitable mini-courses. With the ability to automate these courses and sell 24/7, they are a wonderful way to recession-proof your income, create a much bigger impact in your community and industry and quickly scale with little overhead.

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Podcasts are quickly becoming the number one way to get your message across, educating your current customers and attracting new customers. Because they are so personal and intimate and create instant “trust” with your listeners, they are powerful marketing tools for yourself or business. Fast and simple to create with the right tools, we can help you interact with your listeners, customers and new markets in ways that were never possible before! Creating a simple but powerful podcast can bring you customers, influence, and profits in just a matter of months.

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